Our Rabbit Breeds


Who are we?


Our Poultry Breeds

We focus on raising purebred, show-quality rabbits of the following breeds:

English Angora


American Fuzzy Lop

Jersey Wooly

Creme D'Argent

We also raise Lionheads though they aren't show-quality. 

We are a rabbitry and hatchery located in Dover, Arkansas, USA that focuses on raising purebred, pedigreed, show quality rabbits along with purebred poultry.

We raise purebred Barred Bantam Cochins, Red-Shouldered Yokohamas, and Silver Duckwing Yokohama chickens. 
We focus on Muscovy ducks as well. We currently have several breeds of ducks in the incubator that we hope to add to our breeding teams.